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  • 6/2/09: The Return of the Veda
  • The non-dual knowledge that initiates time returns in new names and forms through the Ages
  • 6/9/09: Soul and Nature
    The self-presentation of Being and the representation of Being as Soul and Nature in their various ramifications
  • 6/16/09: The Illuminating Mind-Tree of the Veda
    How Vedic knowledge entered the maintream of Indian society through the many arts and sciences. The by-ways of connecting Purusha and Prakrit, when translated into culture, can define an Age. How can we bring about a similar cultural revolution of Purusha in contemporary society?
  • 6/30/09: Time and the Cycles
    The meaning of Time, the relationship of eternity to time, the cyclic or spiral nature of Time in the Vedas and whether we are returning to a new Golden Age as promised by many of the world's ancient wisdom traditions.
  • 7/28/09: The Physics of Satchidananda - an Interview with Ulrich Mohrhoff

    Ulrich Mohrhoff, theoretical physicist teaching and working out of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry discusses quantum physics as a probability formalism for describing and predicting the nanoscopic world; and the importance of metaphysical frameworks to provide the matrix of questions and to interpret the results by.

    This is a profound insight which is quite assumed in the cultural ontology of a milieu - eg. here, the global milieu of the 21st c. where we take a materialist metaphysics as a framework. In instead we took a consciousness metaphysics as a framework, then we could explain it in what Ulrich calls a top-down epistemology, and in what I call the epistemology of a transcendental empiricism where the transcendence is absolute immanence.

    What kind of self-relations will be entered into by the One - the self-relations of space and substance. Or looked at from the Vedantic viewpoint, the self-relations of Delight using the play of Being and Consciousness as shaped by Ideation. This Ideation is not mental ideation, not even Ideation of cosmic Mind, it is the Ideation of Freedom and the radical freedom of Ideation.


    One of the Real-Ideas of Ideation would be to enter into a self-relation of Involution-Evolution or to structure infnity with a zero so as to structure two mirrorred infinities, a positive infinity and its inverse, subject and object, spirit and matter, soul and ignorance along one axis of quality; and along another axis, the divine and the undivine, devas and asuras, the climb of the athelete will up the strenuous world axis; the meaning of Time, measured in spoonfulls.

    The spatial and temporal distribution of the play of this Real-Idea, its field, would produce an infinite discrete disembodied subtance-forms of life-quality and mind-quality looking for a process to involve themselves in an exclusive concentration down to an inverse infinity, the conditions of Immanence within the cosmic Idea evolving through Matter.


    The self-relations will go all the way down to the predictability conditions of the quantum formalism and the quantum formalism is found to behave in consonance with the predictability conditions. This is what makes Ulrich say that even from a purely metaphysical point of view, the framework of brahman-satchidananda-vijnana and the idea of evolution of the avidya-maya is a framework which gives meaning to the probability formalism of quantum physics.

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