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"Al-Kemi: A Memoir" (Kim, Dec25.07)

A Course in Consciousness (rjon, Jun.07)

Building One Laptop Per Socialized Child (rjon, Jun.07)

TechGnosis by Erik Davis (Rich, Mar.07)

Magenn Power, Innovative lighter-than-air wind turbines (rjon, Oct.06)

The Doctrine of the Subtle Worlds... (rjon, Feb.07)

Integral ideologies 101 by Richard Carlson (Rich, Feb.07)

01: Savitri Awakes among the Human Tribes (Deshpande, Jan.07)

A Spiritual Biography of Savitri (Deshpande, Jan.07)

Jyoti Journal (Debashish, Feb.06)

Chihuly's Glass Sculpture (Debashish, Oct.05)

Favorite Auroville Photos (Linked to Flickr.com) (rjon, Sep.05)

(Others will be listed soon.)
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Sep.07 Art at the Event Horizon by Avi Rosen (C Theory) (Rich)

Aug.07 Untold Potentialities: India and the Third World by Richard Hartz (Rich)

Jul.07 What is Hindutva? (YR Sane)

Jun.07 The age of sacrificial smoke? (Rich)

May.07 Savitri, Surrender and the Void (Rod)

Apr.07 09: Her Mortal Birth (RY Deshpande)

Mar.07 08: A Shrine for the God of Love (RY Deshpande)
Feb.07 Apropos of the Mantric Poetry (RY Deshpande)
Jan.07 Techno-Capitalism and Post-Human Destinies III (Debashish)

Dec.06 Instruments of Knowledge & Post-Human Destinies (Debashish)

Nov.06 Derrida, Death & Forgiveness by Andrew McKenna (Debashish)
Oct.06 Reflections on THE IDEAL OF HUMAN UNITY (Debashish)
Sep.06 "Toward a Science of Consciousness 2006" Conference (rjon)

Aug.06 Response to Jyotirmaya Sharma (Rich)

Jul.06 Creative imagination and a theory of strategy creation (Rich)

Jun.06 The Role of Money and the Internet in Social Development (rjon)

May.06 A grassroots spirituality: Interview w. Dr. Ananda Reddy (rjon)

Apr.06 The argumentative indian and historical revisionism (Rich)

Mar.06 Quantum Consciousness and the "Mind" of the Cells (rjon)

Feb.06 Jyoti Editorial - February 2006 (Debashish)

Jan.06 Technology and the titan (Rich)

Dec.05 All Life Is Yoga," Interview w. Georges Van Vrekhem (rjon)
Nov.05 the virtual class (Rich)
Oct.05 Investigating the Space of the Invisible (rjon)
Sep.05 The Purpose of SCIY (pronounced "sci-y") (rjon)

View Article  December 31 Quote of the Day
Always our Captain holds the rudder well,
He does not sleep.

~ Sri Aurobindo
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Derrida the Movie
The Religious, the Spiritual and the Secular, by Robert N. Minor (Oct.06)

View Article  December 30 Quote of the Day
Victory is to the most persistent.

~ The Mother
View Article  December 29 Quote of the Day
Do not give way, hold tight.
It is when everything seems lost
that all is saved.

~ The Mother
View Article  December 28 Quote of the Day
Break, break down the last resistances,
consume the last impurities, blast the being
if need be, but let it be transfigured!

~ The Mother
View Article  December 27 Quote of the Day
A new light shall break upon earth,
a light of Truth and Harmony.

~ The Mother
View Article  December 26 Quote of the Day
...and I see Thee in each being,
each thing, from the soft breath of the
passing breeze to the glorious sun
which gives us light and
is a symbol of Thee.

~ The Mother
View Article  December 25 Quote of the Day
Oh, let Light be poured on all the earth
and Peace inhabit every heart...

~ The Mother
View Article  December 24 Quote of the Day
O hidden door
Of knowledge, open!
Strength, fulfil thyself!
Love, outpour!

~ Sri Aurobindo
View Article  December 23 Quote of the Day
Arise, O soul, and vanquish Time and Death.

~ Sri Aurobindo
View Article  December 22 Quote of the Day
Earth is the chosen place of mightiest souls;
Earth is the heroic spirit's battlefield...

~ The Mother
View Article  December 21 Quote of the Day
Only those years
that are passed uselessly
make you grow old.

~ The Mother
View Article  December 20 Quote of the Day
To forget oneself, one's own likings
and preferences, is indispensable
in order to be a true leader.

~ The Mother
View Article  December 19 Quote of the Day
The one thing quite indispensable is
to persevere in the resolve to reach the goal.

~ The Mother
View Article  December 18 Quote of the Day
There is no greater courage
than that of recognising one's own mistakes.

~ The Mother
View Article  December 17 Quote of the Day
Give yourself entirely
to the Divine and you will see
the end of all your troubles.

~ The Mother