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View Article  *They Thought They Were Free : The Germans, 1933-45* (review by Dorian)
*They Thought They Were Free : The Germans, 1933-45*
by Milton Mayer
Published: May 19th, 1966

I highly recommend reading the excerpt below from Mayer's book. One would think that it was written today, with full awareness of the obvious parallels to our current political situation and the intention to draw atttention to them. However, as I've noted above, the book was authored in 1966. The resemblances to the present day are uncanny - and disquieting. - Dorian   more »
View Article  Auroville Architect builds hopes and houses for tsunami victims
Architect Sharukh Mistry had a providential escape last year when the first monster wave hit the coast where he was holidaying. Undaunted, he is back on the beach - to rebuild houses for the tsunami-hit victims on the Pondicherry coast.

His firm, Mistry and Company, is in the process of constructing 800 permanent houses in the SOS Kinderdorf-Children's Village.

On the fateful Dec 26 morning, he was at one of the beach properties in a healing centre at Auroville, along with 12 other members of his family and friends. ...
   more »
View Article  Pondy forms renewable energy agency
Pondicherry, Dec 16: A renewable energy agency has been formed in Pondicherry..
After detailing the agency's activities, the notification also announced a 11-member governing body under the chairmanship of the Chief secretary. The governing body also has two non-official members, Prof C L Gupta of Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Hemant Lamba of the Centre for Scientific Research in Auroville.
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View Article  "Sri Aurobindo's Teaching and Religion"
Many people say that the teaching of Sri Aurobindo is a new religion. Would you say that it is a religion?

The Mother:
People who say that are fools who don't even know what they are talking about. ...   more »
View Article  "Yoga and Religion"
Sweet Mother, what is the difference between yoga and religion?

Ah! my child... it is as though you were asking me the difference between a dog and a cat!   more »
View Article  'My inspiration from Aurobindo, Divine Mother', says Pondy theatre genius
Veenapani Chawla is the Managing Trustee and Director of Adishakthi, a theatre group based in Pondicherry. The group is working towards enlivening dying theatre works while discovering new boulevards of ingenuity. Located near Auroville, the performance company is engaged in explorations of traditional forms of theatre, dance, music and movement. Presently, the troupe is here in city to take part in the National theatre festival, Bahuroopi. Here we publish an exclusive interview with Chawla by our special correspondent Geetha Shah. —Ed   more »
View Article  Sigh of relief for clogged water bodies
Siruthuli plans to convert water hyacinth, a very good organic matter, into manure by administering microbes (micro organisms) available in concentrated liquid state..

The microbes technology has been adapted to perfection after a brief training in Auro Annam, an institute in Auroville, Pondicherry. ...
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View Article  Tools Found in Britain Show Much Earlier Human Existence
A chance discovery on a routine field trip to England's Suffolk seacoast led to evidence that humans reached northern Europe 700,000 years ago, about 200,000 years earlier than previously thought, scientists said yesterday. ...   more »
View Article  "Auroville - An Experiment in Collective Evolution"
Another interesting article re Auroville from Life Positive magazine:

The year is 1347 BC. General Horemheb, a dictator, has sent thousands of troops from his newly revived capital of Thebes to destroy Amarna, a modern city founded by the beautiful queen of Egypt, Nefertiti, and her husband, Pharaoh Amenophis IV, now known as Akhnaton. Akhnaton is a daring reformist. He has opted for a monotheist cult and worships only LIGHT, pure and free. This new city of Amarna is situated midway between Memphis (Cairo) and Thebes (Luxor), on the eastern bank of the Nile. At the center of the city, Akhnaton and Nefertiti have built a temple to the Light. Inside, there is no picture of any god, nor any image of traditional worship.

In this new city, everyone is equal: Egyptians and foreigners (many of whom are attached here), king and common people, men and women. Artists and craftsmen receive support and encouragement to express their skills fully. Money is not the sovereign ruler.
...   more »
View Article  All Life Is Yoga," Interview w. Georges Van Vrekhem
Georges Van Vrekhem is best known for his two seminal works on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. He spoke to Swati Chopra about life as an Aurobindonian and the next step in man's spiritual evolution.

One finds a lot of creative individuals being drawn to Sri Aurobindo. Why?
If you really study Sri Aurobindo's philosophy, you realize his profundity. He gives you a foot to stand on and look at the world. If you have worked out his philosophy, you can comprehend any topic under the sun.

A book I would like to write one day is *The Fifth Philosopher—Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, and Sri Aurobindo* as the fifth one. He is almost completely unknown, which is good. ...   more »
View Article  'The New Utopia: Auroville,' from *Beyond Man*, by Georges Van Vrekhem
When I first read George Van Vrekhem's virtuoso book *Beyond Man: The Life and Work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother,* I was moved to tears while reading his chapter: "THE NEW UTOPIA: AUROVILLE." I hope George will forgive me for sharing it with SCIY's readers by typing it verbatim and presenting it here. (I'll be seeing him at Auroville in a couple of weeks and will ask him for specific permission.)

Please note Georges' copyright notices and refrain from circulating it further. If you are also moved by this quoted chapter, I hope you'll feel motivated to read the rest of the book by purchasing your own copy. I've included a hot link to its online ordering page on Amazon. ~ ron

You say that Auroville is a dream. Yes,
it is a "dream" of the Lord and
generally these "dreams" turn to to be
true -- much more true than the so-
called human realities!

- The Mother   more »
View Article  Discovery Verifies Mayan Civilization 2,000 Years Ago
Archaeologists have uncovered an elegantly painted 30-foot-long mural in a ceremonial chamber beneath a Guatemalan jungle pyramid, providing new evidence that Mayan civilization was in full flower more than 2,000 years ago. Archaeologist William Saturno of the University of New Hampshire and Harvard's Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology said yesterday that the San Bartolo site, in Guatemala's Peten wilderness, is "the find of a lifetime," depicting the Mayan creation myth and the crowning of a king in vivid color on a plaster wall as though "parts of it . . . were painted yesterday." ...   more »
View Article  Auroville Winter Integral Studies Program - Jan, Feb, Mar 2006
Dear Friends,

We are delighted to present you with the second Auroville Winter Integral Studies Program (WISP). This program is an experiment and initiative that attempts to offer a range of courses, classes, lectures, and study programs around the theme of transformation and integral learning. ...
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View Article  $100 WiFi-enabled laptop to be distributed to children of the world
The MIT Media Lab has launched a new research initiative to develop a $100 laptop—a technology that could revolutionize how we educate the world's children. To achieve this goal, a new, non-profit association, One Laptop per Child (OLPC), has been created. The initiative was first announced by Nicholas Negroponte, Lab chairman and co-founder, at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland in January 2005.   more »
View Article  Disaster survivors rebuild their lives with ‘tsunamika’
CHENNAI: It’s only made of used cloth and thread, but once it leaves the hands of fisherwomen, the materials have been transformed into a “tsunamika” or “child of the tsunami”, a doll that is empowering the lives of its creators.

The December 26 tsunami has pressed the fisherwomen of seven villages in Tamil Nadu state to come up with innovative ways to get their lives in order and earn a living again, and adversity here has become the mother of innovation in the form of the dolls..

Ipsita Sarkar of the Upasana design unit in Auroville, which supports the programme, said 474 women were trained in handicrafts in the area. ...
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View Article  Boloji.com, a multimedia, multi-editor weblog about Indian culture
I've just come across a good example, imo, of the kind of multimedia magazine, multi-editor weblog, that we're moving SCIY toward. It's called Boloji, and describes itself as:

Boloji.com.. is a website dedicated to study India in particular and expressions on the diversity of life. We welcome articles relating to any section specified under "Channels". We also welcome Photo Essays..

Here's a sample of the writing of one of their columnists, which includes several Sri Aurobindo quotes relevant to, e.g., the "Virtual Class" discussion we've been having: ...   more »
View Article  U.S. Criticized After Walking Out of Climate Talks
MONTREAL, Dec. 9 - Two weeks of treaty talks on global warming neared an end today with the world's current and projected leaders in emissions of greenhouse gases, the United States and China, still refusing to take any mandatory steps to avoid dangerous climate change. ...   more »
View Article  Savitri Classes at LA Center
This topic includes past & ongoing audio recordings of "Savitri" classes led by Debashish Banerji, at the Los Angeles Sri Aurobindo Center. They're also available as podcasts on Apple's iTunes site. Read the rest of this article for instructions ...   more »
View Article  Musharraf calls for 'Muslim renaissance'
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has urged the heads of 50 Muslim countries to work out a strategy for a Muslim renaissance. The Daily Times of Pakistan reports that Mr. Musharraf, who made the speech at the Third Extraordinary Summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Mecca, also called on Islamic countries to ban groups that preach violence or commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam. He also called on the leaders present to make mandatory contributions to a fund for science and technology. ...   more »
View Article  the magician and mcluhan

 If we play with Marshall McLuhan’s notion that technological advances serve to turn the human consciousness inside out and contrast this with the perspective of integral yoga on the future evolution of consciousness please consider:

Cloths are an outering of the skin

The wheel the outering of the foot...   more »

View Article  Icosa Pods being shipped to Kashmir for earthquake refugees
SCIY co-founder Rich Carlson is supporting the humanitarian organization 'Doctors Without Borders" to provide winterized icosapod shelters for Kashmir refugees of the Pakistan earthquake. Here's Rich's posting to the postaum2005 message board describing the situation ...   more »
View Article  Minnie's Situation - A futuristic short-story by Michael Miovic
Michael Miovic's futuristic short story pushes the limits of our mundane imagination towards objective and subjective realities to come.   more »
View Article  Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt on slide guitar (mohan veena)
On May 1, 2005, the Center celebrated its 52nd birthday with a concert of Indian Classical music performed by slide guitar (mohan Veena) maestro, Pandit Viswa Mohan Bhatt. Pandit Bhatt was accompanied on tabla by Shri Subhen Chatterjee, lomg-time friend of the Center.   more »
View Article  “There is no fundamental difference” - An introduction to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Auroville relationship
A few months after the inauguration of Auroville she [the Mother] further clarified, “The Ashram will keep its true role of pioneer, inspirer and guide. Auroville is the attempt towards collective realization.” Thus Mother stressed from the very beginning two of the characteristics which distinguish Auroville from the Ashram – the fact that it is more ‘outward', more involved with the texture and challenges of the ‘real' world, and the emphasis upon collective action as opposed to the more individualistic yoga of the Ashram. ...   more »
View Article  • The Golden Path by Anie Nunnally
Anie Nunnally's book of interviews of twelve senior disciples of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry and Auroville is reviewed here by Mangesh Nadkarni.   more »
View Article  (BR) 'Fahrenheit 9/11' by Michael Moore
Michael Moore's controversial documentary on George Bush Jr. was viewed in June 2004 at a Los Angeles theater by Sri Aurobindo Center members Dorian Schneidman, Keka Chakraborty and Debashish Banerji. Here are Debashish's notes on the movie. ...   more »
View Article  The Message of Sri Aurobindo, by Dr. Karan Singh
I just came across this article. Imo, it's a good summary of Sri Aurobindo's thinking, in the context of India's revolt against British colonialism. I offer it here today, the 55th anniversary of his death in Pondicherry on Dec. 5, 1950, in tribute and in gratitude for the tremendous transformative influence he has been for all of us.

"..In 1905 an event occurred that changed the course of Indian history and the freedom movement. This was the Partition of Bengal by Lord Curzon, known as Banga bhanga, which immediately created a tremendous reaction in the whole of India and particularly in Bengal. The whole of Bengal galvanised into activity. Sri Aurobindo resigned his job in Baroda and moved to Calcutta. For five years, from 1905 to 1910, he shone like a meteor in the political firmament of India. His writings in Bande Mâtaram and the Karmayogin are unparalleled in their power. He became a vociferous leader of the radical movement. The Congress moved towards a split in 1906 in Calcutta. In 1907 in Surat a crisis in the Congress led to a break between the moderates and the radicals. The moderates met under Pherozeshah Mehta, while the radicals met under Sri Aurobindo's chairmanship; they continued their activities.

"The British came down very heavily upon the radicals, who were hostile towards them. Sri Aurobindo was arrested in the Alipore Bomb Conspiracy Case and was sent to jail for a year in 1908. In fact, it was in jail that he had his first major spiritual experience which later changed his life; after 1910 Sri Aurobindo moved on to a new realm. ..."
   more »
View Article  Krishna by Sri Aurobindo
Sri Aurobindo had the realization of Krishna as the immanent Divine in all things while at Alipur Jail in 1908. On 24 November 1926 Sri Krishna fixed himself in Sri Aurobindo's body as the culmination of the Overmental descent and transfromation of Sri Aurobindo. Of Sri Krishna, Sri Aurobindo once said to a disciple, "There is no difference between me and Krishna."   more »
View Article  The Soul and Its journey - by Nolini Kanta Gupta
Nolini Kanta Gupta's account of the journey of the soul between lives is carried here.   more »
View Article  AV slide show
Here's a nice slide show re Auroville, using BlogHarbor's builtin slide show capability rather than Flickr.

Click here to see.
   more »
View Article  In search of the soul of Spain
Spain is not an easy reality to grasp: firstly because in spite of its relatively small size it is unbelievably diverse; secondly, because what it has shown to the world over the last five hundred years is not its soul but its shadow. Nevertheless, even in this asuric shadow that gave birth to the Inquisition, there has always been a nobility which not even its enemies could deny, as well as an obsessive sincerity in its service to the divine ideal it had assumed. Spain is a country of kshatriyas, which inherited its ideal of the Holy War from the East, through Islam. It is this, taken in its essentiality, that constitutes its profound attraction. ...   more »