Psalm for Coltrane 

(imitation of 'Trane)

The Lord breathes through your ever changing manifestations

the life-world channeled through lightening arpeggios

fires inside synaptic passages of sound vibration

awakening consciousness from its empirical reflection,

synthesizing its grand panoramic vision

of self and the world and epistemologies of duality

through the sacrament of Jazz music

the imperishable oneness of soul-force utterance

a presence imparted to the initiate of 52nd St.

evolving through Dizzy, Bird,  Monk, & Miles

to confound the platonic categories of harmony and scale,

the rejuvenation of time out of synch and disjointed from the post-war machine

and it's first technologies of pure genocide

skirting the cracked ash left behind in civilizations dialectic march

surviving the catastrophic bifurcation of the planetary juggernaut

as chaos gave way to bebop

in improvised wanderings leading into interstellar space

only to be sucked down through opiate wormhole

again under spell of gravity and race

the Zeitgeist crawling out through superstring syringe,

into the pulsed offering,

shuttering in the soot of the smelters

still gasping from cyanide chambers

your spirit rises through a virulent ether

entering passages charted by those first luminous jazz beings

attempting to shed the garment of the infinite

for the black carbon skin of the elemental

an immanence unknown to those transcendent brethren

who remain hidden in the shadows of angelic orders

they perish without trace in these worlds of spatial extension

while you ride in on riffs and ragas

the dust and broke bones of slaves

binding themselves taut with cut reed

Der Schrei, verarbeitet

into the sweltering forge of a Selmer

the graveyard cries of ancestors pressing into the flatted third of an Eb pentatonic

the exhilaration of freedom rising from a tenor

purusha’s sacrifice burning through the prakriti of night

upon a sun ship spiraling toward the stars

riffing through galaxies

aspiring for some promised Divinity