Balloon Boy

Even before you awoke you knew the weather would be calm,
that take off was now imminent, across autumn’s parallax horizon
your heart started to race the dark fractured clouds streaming above;
when the squalls subsided before dawn a black hole appeared
within an atom of the storm, at that moment you knew that peak experience
could be found within a wormhole of bliss,

once a singularity became your destiny
you were certain that this last trip would be ecstatic,
like us all, you had caught a glimpse of danger,
a silver saucer, plywood bow pitched upward, riding gusts, gleaming in the sun,
streaking across open Colorado skies, a small boy huddled in darkness within.
clutching for a distant mother, dangling from a metallic balloon,

seeing the spectacle unfold, after a year of fending off demons,
you could imagine what it would be like to be that child inside;
that night you dreamed that you were six years old and you were learning to fly,
the threatening shadows of cumulonimbus whose anvils
had towered above you receded with the planet below,
as you reached escape velocity, you slept silently  

Helium: atomic number: 2 atomic symbol: He
melting point: -272C @26 a.t.m boiling point: - 268.6 C near absolute 0
used in cryogenic research, expands greatly at room temperature
used for pressuring liquid fuel on Apollo lunar missions,
used to fill balloons, available at Wal-Mart in the party decorations section,
if asked; it could be used for a party you’ll be giving for your birthday,

fix the tube inside the plastic bag, pre-set the flow rate,
get comfortable, a cup of warm tea, soft lights and music,
turn the regulator on, hold the bag so it inflates,
place it loosely over head, secure the string so it does not float away,
keep the house as warm as you’d like,... relax,....
sleep,....... fall silently into azure sky