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In invisible streaming of capital virtuality screams
burning with overdose.
Multisensory Matter transmuting careens
towards the fourth dimension.
Yeats hardly knew
what he was paying homage to
when he desired immortality in Byzantium.

drowsy emperors till the labor-intensive soil
preparing modernity.
Snakes of evolution delberately uncoil
the global desiring machine.
flesh cries to erase
itself in erotic embrace
or hold the world captive in its lurid dream.

multinational flows replace the ageless tides
seething with foam.
like wolves we bay, a lunatic intelligence hides
within the cosmic scheme.
the whim of Empire
oils the tracks of the gyre.
Insatiable hunger of gladiator sports driving the wheels.

cyber explosions of pleasure in the American blood are mined
by third world bodies.
compassionate buddhists indulgently smile
setting themselves on fire.
electric heaven of the west
is premised on bio-subjection of the rest.
the purpose of time way-lost and sunk in the mire.

in another laboratory another heaven prepares
its godless hour.
designer bodies fashion appearance to shape
the future's form.
the health industry shudders
with pleasure of replacing mothers.
physical immortality neo-liberal Empire's disciplinary norm.

power and possession and gigantic lusts of the etheric body are not all
the market hungers to fill.
nor eugenic and bio-maximized collectible dolls
or genetically-altered viral meat.
informatics trades in control
binary reduction of the whole
atom cell and cosmos dovetailed in an enormous systemic cheat.

mental vital and material contestants of anthropic telos
modernity's terrestrial construct
made and unmade by the human sciences; a story of loss
swells to fill the sails of history.
empty homogenous time
enacts the Hegelian mime
simulacra swallowing self at the gold-enamelled cusp of modernity.

another technology awaited us perhaps, another disappearance
was preparing its arrival
post-anthropological its nameless existence's trance
the multiple dreams of possibility.
from capital ideology or law
its outline seems to withdraw
herein the changeling evolutionary Person's reality.

neti neti the track, against the outward-fastened senses
from the clutch of merchants
quiet the infusion of psyche its incorporation of the lenses
the soft warm intimacy with all things.
will, intelligence or gene
as its instruments are seen
slow time like gathering gold its richness into nature brings.

but the luxury of this ode to autumn its mellow fruitfullness
is it not impossibly distant
dromology claims contemporary space-time with its thickness
of stream-lined business-suited robots
but a different time grows
in the liminal shadows
where nomenclature thickens with ambiguity and slips through the knots

erase first the demand of belonging, the conscience building bribe tongue
that writes you into history
odysseus and arjuna knew the epic ladder rung for rung
guided by the wind.
no shelter in engagement
no benefactor to pay the rent
the post-human is birthed in the interstices of counterfeit kind.




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