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Hipsters From Bombay

Hip cats walk the bombay streets
Experts of the cool man language
The chillim talk
Hybridized with the vernacular (bom shombhu)
Where the transition from language to language is sutured
Along a productive interface or problematic field or fold,
A seismic plate of the real-idea
Offering a zigzag for the cross-walk of traditions,
Old and new and ones yet to be born
Including traditions of the non-faith, nastika
While cleansing the doors of perception with acid.
Hey man, what's your plan, take the leap and let it go.
Trust in the creative force of evolution
Which is another name for individuation.
Now that the supermind fold is active
In the body of the baroque Serpent
The Person begins to be present in things;
Or holding that thought, manana, it becomes experienced and realized.
This is another way of saying "All life is yoga."

Hipcats walk the bombay streets
Internationalizing the vernaculars
Or poststructuralizing universal languages -
Towards the limit condition of infinity?
No need for twos if we move on folded wings:
Probability distributions and the exertion of the Will to individuation
(dig the jazz of radical, infinite and radically infinite whatever which way you find them).
Go under said Nietzsche, élan vital said Bergson, Kali said Sri Aurobindo
Or bombay cats prefer Mahalakshmi over Mumbadevi
'Cause of the cool bhang and bombay black they find there
Warp and woof is the password for the hidden language
Knowledge of twoness and oneness and manyness
Like Blake the cryptic tongues that bombay hipsters speak in.
Kali is the evolutionary Force,
Fierce in front, cool behind; black in front, golden behind, kali-gauri,
Prakriti and shakti, consenting to be ignorant to allow the story of self-emergence to emerge
And multiplied Dancer in the dance of Differance
Enamoured and intoxicated for its radically infinite Lover.


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