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Holding and Folding

Evolutionary joy is woven as in warp and woof by the joy in folding and the joy in holding.

The joy in folding is the baroque impulse symbolized by the Rose.

The joy in holding is the classical impulse, not the classical of the mental idea, but the classical of the fractal seed of the embodied Idea, the Flame.

The joy in folding follows the intuitions of origami of using materials to the best advantages provided by their properties.

Tending to form, by the structural and processual relations of parts to whole, complex stabilities.

Fertilize the matter and add an infusion of life, and these same become self-organizing and self-replicating machines.

The process of individuation begins to show its face and we may intuit already the presence of the infinite Person.

The bud of the Idea begins to bloom, the infinitely infolded flower saturated with the highest intensity of affect, the love of the infinite Person for his/her/its infinite Other, the crimson Rose.

At its center is a perpetually deferred ending, a vaginal Hole that seems to open ever inward into a progressive constriction towards a vanishing point - in a Face? Idea? Symbol? Archetype? Bija?

Unknown. What is known is that to every state of being there exists a greater non-being and to every non-being a greater being.

Real-Idea is reality presenting itself through an Idea. Self-presentation implies a choice of Being to present itself to itself through a dynamic representation.

Since Reality is radically infinite, Real-Idea must necessarily represent the self-presentation of Being around a productive Idea, a problematic field with radically infinite solutions.

The infinite fertility of the Seed realizes a dream of infinite systems held together in infinite relations by the play of Love of the infinite One and its infinite Other.

The systems arise out of the Gnosis of the Seed as perennial peristaltic ripples along a continuous gradation of folded consciousness.

These folds occur at many levels of density of consciousness-substance spanning a spectrum of states of being opening up their own horizons of experience.

And each state of being is a face of the Person and a dynamic Idea, allowing unending variant repetitions of Same/Never-same and the multiplied particulation/particularization/participation of the continuous.

These are the in-folded petals of the Rose.

That which evokes infinite wonder must have a face that evokes infinite wonder.

There can be a monstrosity to this face and there can be a simplicity to this face.

The two are one and are the infinite Idea-spectrum of Beauty.

This simple complexity coupled with the intensity of Love that holds it together is the self-presentation of the Rose

This is the Form that evokes radical Wonder, The Form that can only be known when seen, that most auspicious Form varam rupam.

The joy of folding is the spontaneous ontological response to the encounter with radical infinity.

The joy of folding belongs to the Rose.

The joy of holding is the nay-say, the infinite deferment.

It is the non-being that devours all being because only so can radical infinity manifest under conditions of discrete becoming.

Through disappearances and reappearances the self-presenter presents Him/Her/It self as progression or Time.

This is the flame, the fire that holds the cohesion of all things, atomic fire or solar fire, saurya Agni.

The flame is not quenched or rather it traces a track of disappearances but inevitable returns because the self-choice of the self-presentation of Being (swayambhu) as Becoming.

Buddha used the word nibbana because it referred directly to the putting out of a flame.

Nothing substantial was put out Buddha said since the flame was no substance anyway. It was a succession of moments of burning. ;-).

Yet the Flame ever returns after the deferment of the putting out.

Between the putting out and the return it holds even if invisible.

And it returns to put out that which put it out.

This is why it is the knower of births, jataveda.

Interminable, it is the massing of Idea in Purpose, chit-tapas, holding like a string through the particulation of Time.

Yes the Flame is the putting out and the holding, preservation-destruction, entropy-negentropy, Shiva and Vishnu.

Because the flame is in mind and body and vitalism,

The flame comes when you least expect it

The flame hides in molecular structures.

The flame holds through all its state changes.

The Flame is born of the churning experienced by the infinite recursion of the double Darshan wonder gaze of the radically infinite One and its radically infinite Other locked eternally in mutual self-exploration.

The joy of holding belongs to the Flame.

Differance as Derrida said is deferment and differentiation, negative and positive, the Flame and the Rose, holding and folding.

Within the Flame is the Rose, within the Rose is the Flame.

Or, holding is folding and folding is holding

And there's One who's presenting Him/Her/It self in the holding and in the folding.

To know with the knowing of that One is to know it all and be free of it.

Be free with the freedom of infinity.


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