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Nikhil Banerjee Plays Rageshree

He stretches the time quantum
Providing subjective space
Since space is time in the becoming,
The space of time
For consciousness to expand into
Bringing the human into proximity with the superman
Or perhaps questioning the boundaries of the human

The twang of the primordial sound
The one that every instrument, plucked, bowed, struck or blown
Remembers as its Origin
This is the slow hand godfather of slowhand
Merging of rudraveena and electric guitar
Cool fire.

Thus by shared experience of time
A reality and a life are born
The life of the larger beings
Those who share the expanded freedom
Even in this crowded here and now.

The well wrought urn of becoming
Attracts a high beauty of emotion –
Calm equality, deep eros and pathos –
Sringar and karuna stabilized by the gravity of shanta –
Form repeating patterns: the raga takes shape,
Specificity. Fiery lines come saturated with bhava
Without losing their peace or turning sentimental.
By the 20 minute mark, there is a beautiful prayer
Not a prayer of wanting but of human aspiring for the divine
The entire spectrum of emotions gathers confidence
Returning like the returns of the never-same
The eternal recurrence of difference
Increasing in strength and beauty,
Dancing to the background plucked-rhythm of the jod.

All seems alaap, but as the lightnings light the land
The patter of tabla like a heavy rain descends
As if called into existence by the intricate flashes
Like golden snakes or flashing anklets, clean and beautiful.
The miraculous divinity of the raga reveals itself -
The goddess in her body of sound –
The more apparent the less personal the expression
The more simply accurate the note sequences,
The rupa of the raga is experienced.

Remember, how the heard raga turned to image in the mind's eye,
Then touch, smell, taste and finally your body itself was music
Each note vibrating in all your fluids, the watery element of subjective becoming?
Dead serious, wave upon wave of bliss expand from the center
And break upon the shores of the mind awaking memories
Personal and cosmic: Calm and intense,
Gold particles scintillate in the crucible of transformation
Rippling like primordial forces in the plane of immanence
Violent yet eternally still.


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